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Centrum Markets Introducing Broker Program

When you sign up as an introducing broker with Centrum Markets, you will be able to refer your client base and earn commission for each trade executed throughout the lifetime of your clients. Introducing brokers tend to be existing money managers or trading analysts and education providers. Centrum Markets offers an attractive and flexible rebate scheme based on the trading volume of your clients. When you sign up, and at any point during the program, you may choose from or switch to a range of progressive or fixed rebate plans. We also offer multi-level rebate tiers, which allows your clients to become introducers themselves, and you can then earn progressively from each trade in your network. Contact our IB team today and learn how you can become an exclusive regional partner for Centrum Markets in your area.

Centrum Markets Affiliate Program

When you sign up as an affiliate with Centrum Markets, your focus will be mainly on online activities that don’t necessarily require face-to-face interaction with clients. The affiliate program concept allows you to refer traffic from your website, blog, social media platform or advertisements and earn a CPA for each client who opens an account with Centrum Markets and who actively trades for more than 30 days. Unlike other affiliate programs, with Centrum Markets you will get paid for active clients even if they don’t meet the CPA qualifications. This means that as long as your referred clients continue to trade, we will pay a fixed rate per lot according to their trading volume. Sign up today as a Centrum Markets affiliate, and our dynamic range of marketing materials designed for higher conversion rates will help you earn more!

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